Friday Bulletin

It's the Holiday season. Usually the time I would be scrambling to buy gifts and schedule which week to buy them. Not this season though.

Last December I took an influence class by Rach Kincaid and she spoke about saving money through out the year and place in an envelope marked Christmas. So this past year I gave it a try! Most weeks I would pull $20 a week to place in the envelope and some weeks I didn't pull any. But it worked! It helped immensely.

So I highly recommend it for this next year friends, even if it is $5 a week or even $10 a week. Mark the envelope Christmas 2016 and look forward to saving a good amount for next season.

Anyways, here are some links for your enjoyment this weekend! We are headed to our town Christmas tree lighting tonight for the first time, our little small town is the cutest on celebrations!

The class I was talking about is here in this bundle.

Jesus disappointed people by Jess Connolly

Why I journal by Gretchen Saffles

Minimalism + Christmas by The Purposeful Housewife

Happy Weekend friends,