6 ways to make your day brighter

Wintertime seems to be when we all huddle in our homes, blankets are in plenty, sweatshirts and hoodies are pulled out with soft, thick socks right at arm's reach.

We are currently in the middle of apartment living since moving down here to beautiful NC and it our wild young boys can get a little restless and rowdy here on the 3rd floor. So if you are in a small living space with kids and the day is starting to drastically turn dark and gloomy here are a few tips for what we do to make it brighter!

Light a Candle 
There is something soothing about a candle burning slowly. It gives a fresh aroma to the space and is calming to watch. Definitely changes our atmosphere here so I usually try to light one in the morning and it burns all through school, chores and cleaning.

Grab Art Supplies
We have an art cart that I made over the fall for less than $50. It has paints, markers, stickers, colored pencils, crayons, notebooks, etc. We bring it out and the boys love to draw, paint, create. Let's their imagination run wild on paper.

Take a 10-20 Minute Walk 
I am not one for cold weather but it is so good to get outside for a walk and get the heart racing. The other night Josh picked up a few candy bars at the store and "hid" them near the tree line at our apartment complex. We bundled the boys up and they went on a treasure hunt. They had such a blast plus they also fell right asleep that night.

Read Aloud
Go the the local library, have your kids pick out a few books and then you grab a chapter book! Either a classic or one you loved as a kid. Tell the kids it's reading time and I am most certain they will come running. Everyone loves to be read to, use different voices for the characters and bring excitement to the book.

Bake Something Delicious
My boys love to help in the kitchen and sample whatever we are making too. We usually opt for brownies, cookies, muffins or bread!

Build a Tent
Make lunch for the kiddos and then set up a "fort" or tent for them! Pop in a movie and viola! you have you're very own little hideout for them. They will love it and have a blast the rest of the afternoon with it.

Let's make sure we are growing and thriving in our homes friends. We are doing a good thing for Jesus by raising little arrows that will be sent out soon. Let's make the most of our time with our little ones and these are some meaningful ways to make the days brighter!