Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ready for 2016?

It's been quiet here lately and it seemed good but still I missed this space and writing. I didn't want to put up meaningless posts, I want intentional, purposeful, fully cared for ones. So over the past year it seemed easier to write quietly in my journal, encouragement spread through speaking directly to friends and sharing on Instagram.

But now? I'm ready to come back to this space. This space has served as an anchor during my journey from one boy to two boys. This will be my fifth year sharing online.

I'm looking forward to all 2016 has to hold and what God wants to do with this space and my words. I plan to share more about my journey to becoming a doula, homeschooling, weightloss journey and all the adventures our family of four will have this year and more!

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Here is to 2016 friends!


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