Top 4 Podcasts to Inspire Moms

Podcasting seems to be the thing currently. I can name quite a few bloggers that have a podcasts and it suits them so well. Don't get excited I have no intention or inspiration to begin a podcast!

It has actually been the perfect addition to my cleaning routine during the week, folding laundry, quiet time or just driving in the car. After over a year now of listening to podcasts, I have narrowed it down to 4 that I have found that have kept me entertained while washing dishes or other household duties. Now I almost get excited to wash dishes or fold laundry, it helps pass the time.

Around the Table 
I've seen this one pop up recently over the last year and decided to tune in just last week and have to say: it's definitely one to subscribe to and listen in! It has the perfect amount of calm talking and laughing and quirky jokes that I love to hear.

Read Aloud Revival 
Anything to do with books? Right? So many great tips on reading to your kids and getting your kids to read, etc. Especially loved the one about reading aloud to boys.

Elise Gets Crafty
I have listened to this one for about a year and it has been the perfect amount of boost to go after your passions and Elise has the best guests who inspire you to the core. Needing a little boost on your passions? Tune in and let me know what you think!

I waited every week for the new episode to come when they did Season 1 and couldn't wait for Season 2! I started Season 2 with Josh this time and he is hooked also :) Perfect podcast to listen to in the car while the boys draw quietly in the back or sleep.

Here are some I have in my queue to listen to:

Sorta Awesome 

Your Morning Basket 

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

At Home with Sally Clarkson

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Another one I was so excited to see come was my dear friend, Allie from The Purposeful Housewife, started her own podcast! I have listened to her first two episodes and love her sweet melodic voice and the actions and steps she puts in front to help you as a woman and more specifically a wife and mom. Check her blog out here too!

I was using the Apple Podcast App but recently switched to Overcast after the recommendation from Modern Mrs Darcy. So give it try this week while cleaning the dishes or quiet time and let me know which podcast you fall in love with!