Wednesday, March 23, 2016

5 Ways To Find Time To Read (and what to read!)

In the past I have breezed through a pretty good amount of books. I'm taking it a little "slow" this year and have read 14 since January. Reading has always been my go-to. Surprisingly I wasn't able to read until I was almost 7. It was a huge struggle for me but my foster mom would work with me each night and I learned to read through the American Girl series. My prize once I finished the Molly series (my favorite!) was the Molly doll, so it was hard earned!

Since then I have loved the many adventures and travels I have discovered through reading. I don't have a certain genre I like...I go through stages more. Sometimes it's all Amish, sometimes its re-reading Nicholas Sparks, other times it's mystery and suspense. A big variety is my favorite :-).

I have heard many times from friends and others who find out how much I read that they can never find the time to read or what to read so I thought I would share I few of my tips!

30 minutes before anyone is awake. Perfect time to pick up a book, the house is quiet.

30 minutes before bed. Turn off the TV and grab a book. It actually will help for a better night's rest too.

Put a book in your purse or diaper bag. How often are we sitting in the car waiting or nursing, at the doctor's office or even in a check out line. I always have a book in my purse and if you aren't one to carry a book- download the kindle app and go!

While working out. You can either prop the book on the treadmill or stationary bike and read or grab the audio version while walking or running! Perfect time to get lost and it will make your workout go by so much faster. Win win!

Naptime/ Park time. The obvious I know but sometimes we need the reminder.

You'll be surprised how many books you read also when you always have it in your purse or in your hand when working out! Trust me.

I frequently search the New Arrivals at the local library and bookstore and also keep tabs of books I want to read on Goodreads. I also am a dedicated follower of Modern Mrs. Darcy and her recent podcast that has given me many fantastic ideas for my next read.

What do you like to read? What's the last book you picked up? I would love to hear, tag me on IG and share your latest read.


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