Living on Purpose in Motherhood

Motherhood brings all the emotions. Truly. Those moments when your little one looks up at you and smiles and says "mama...", you want to capture that moment and bottle it up forever. Or when your preschooler suddenly learns a new trick or an independent task and his face just says it all.

It also brings the tears, from you and the kids. For various reasons, sickness, a sad day, feelings are hurt.

It can also suddenly become overwhelming and that is why this book is for YOU.

Mama Needs a Reboot is about overcoming the overwhelming moments and living on purpose. It's an honest, down to earth book by Allie and also grabs your attention with the challenges in each chapter.

I have found it can be read a few different ways:

Read each chapter slowly and work through the challenges for a few days. 

Pick a chapter and go! Mixing it up instead of starting on chapter 1. 

Read all the way through then return to Chapter 1 and go through the challenges (this is what I did)

I seemed to get the most out of it and truly began implementing the challenges set in front of me. The books covers 10 topics that are vital to motherhood and it's a good mix of simple and the hard truths we need to hear.

A few of my favorite snippets from the book:

What I mean about being intentional is pressing pause on your heart right in the middle of the chaos, asking yourself what is most important, and acting out of the answer to that.

Vacuuming might not seem like it makes much of a difference in the big picture, but it does. When it comes to your home, it's in the little things.

Giving a hug and sitting down to read a story with your child does so much more than a harsh word.

It is so easy and so common for moms to stop taking care of themselves. I believe it's what the enemy wants, because we simply cannot do our jobs well and be happy during our chaotic days if we aren't healthy.

So mama.. get up, choose joy and make tomorrow better. Allie keeps it witty but purposeful and it comes with real intentional motherhood. You can grab a copy on Amazon and also please go check out Allie's classes and webinars. She is also over on Facebook and Instagram frequently sharing those imperfect motherhood snippets and encouragement for all mamas wherever you are in your journey.