Five Things I Love// Vol .3

I love dishing out this post every few months and sharing my latest items and things I love! I highly recommend documenting yours in a journal or in the notes app on your phone. Would love to hear yours!
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1. Mason jars. I love the simple look these bring and the versatile ways you can use them! I have been using mine for flowers, filling with coffee grounds, flour for cooking and more. I might be painting some in the future to use even more.

2. Method cleaning products. These are so essential, especially since the boys help with cleaning during the week with chores. My favorite is Pink Grapefruit, hmm smells so good and makes me want to clean the kitchen and table frequently.  

3. Homemade laundry detergent. My friend Allie reintroduced this post recently on her FB and even did a Periscope video of making it. I went out, bought the ingredients, made it and now I actually look forward to doing laundry and am almost caught up. 

4. THIS book is a must read for all parents. It's so so good and I have learned so much over the last month after finishing it. I keep going back to it for the little tips at the end of each chapter and slowly have implemented some in our parenting and have noticed HUGE changes. 

5. I love nightly snacks and honestly just snacking in general. But it can get you into trouble, am I right? So I have found my new found love of snacking on oranges, watermelon or cantaloupe at night while watching some Amazing Race with Josh (our new favorite show). It hydrates you, doesn't leave you feeling bloated when headed to bed and is healthy! I mean why not?