Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What rebranding looks like and why

I've been happily distracted the past few months by the precious cargo in our home. The boys have finished another school year together and it was good but we also learned so much about learning styles I can't wait to share about.

I've felt recently as if I have gotten in a good groove as a mom of two young boys who are no longer in diapers and don't need an extra bag of goodies and clothes to carry everywhere along with no stroller! We are saying goodbye to our apartment soon and that has brought on a little extra cleaning and decluttering. Even if you are practicing a simple living in your home, as we have for the past six years, you still collect stuff. We aim to purge about every few months.

I've decided to rebrand and speak about what I love to really talk about here on the blog which is

Simple Living 
Your Passions

Also about how to integrate all of these together to bring you authentic, real and messy content.  A life you can relate to hopefully!

I'll be sharing more content about it through Facebook and Instagram. So follow along and share with your friends who might be interested in any of these topics!


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