Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Starting our New Essential Oils Journey

Essential oils have been in our home since 2014. I was previously part of a competing company and increasingly became dissatisfied with them. I felt they were never open enough about their farms and distillation process. They didn't promote the Seed to Seal promise or even close to as Young Living does. I felt it was more about selling than about the products.

I have used Young Living since 2014 also off and on. I've always felt more comfortable using theirs and knowing I could instantly look up where this oil came from and when. I've seen countless videos of their harvesting, distillation and touring of farms. I sincerely and genuinely love their products and enjoy sharing them knowing that they are keeping a Seed to Seal promise.

I'm excited to begin a new journey and to be a part of a beautiful community with Young Living! It is all about natural health and wellness in our home. Essential Oils have the beautiful benefits of enhancing this in our home and day to day lives.

I'll be sharing bits about our essential oil journey here on the blog occasionally and more day to day over on IG @lilacandpineessentials. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me and no pressure to purchase! I want you to fall in love with the oils as much as our family has. You can read more over here.


  1. Curious to see how you use them! We have a YL starter kit, but I haven't dug into it much yet because I wanted to wait until Clarice was 6 months old, when more oils are okay for babies!

  2. It is one of the only oils thought to be able to completely eradicate the Herpes Simplex virus in humans, and prevents the virus from transmitting from cell to cell. While somewhat costly . Ocotea essential oil benefits


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