Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Homeschooling at The Buccaneer Academy

Starting school this week help put us back in a rhythm. Homeschooling has had this beautiful way of bringing a grounding rhythm to our home, I truly love teaching the boys and it's been so so great to see them love it too. Now also working from home, it makes the adventures of homeschooling even sweeter!

When it came time to plan for this year it suddenly became a little difficult. The curriculum we used last year suddenly became dry and truly too repetitive for Ben and we both were silently wishing it to come to an end. I was slightly disappointed because I had planned on using it all the way through.

I am not one who loves to hop around and search each year for a new curriculum to use. So while house shopping and hunting I was also curriculum "shopping".

Long story short...I found one that fits! After reading forums, groups, talking to others and doing a little research. We've settled on Heart of Dakota! For a few reasons:

+ Christ centered curriculum
+ Charlotte Mason inspired and infused
+ Grab, Teach and go for teacher's manual (no extra prep work)
+ Gentle but also "meaty" enough in the right areas
+ Hands on activities and interactive for kids

This year I have Ben in first grade and Ian is in Pre-K! I am still working out a routine of teaching them both and can't wait to share how we do it once I've narrowed it down. Currently we are trying different options to see what best fits and flows for our home.

First Grade

Little Hearts for His Glory

HISTORY: History for Little Pilgrims, History Stories for Children

MATH: Singapore Math & Life of Fred for fun math practice

HANDWRITING: Handwriting without Tears My Printing Book

PHONICS: Reading Lesson (Ben is reading level 1 & 2 books currently)

SCIENCE: Our Father's World 

FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Rod and Staff Books Keep Doing it Carefully & Learning More and More

STORYTIME: Favorite Thornton Burgess Animal Stories Set & a chapter book per month (Farmer Boy for August).


Little Hands to Heaven + Rod & Staff Pre-K workbooks
When he's ready (I'm thinking halfway through the year) we will begin reading lessons for Ian using The Reading Lesson book.

He listens in (lightly) during History and Science during Ben's lessons.

Storytime is also for him.

I aim to read our chapter book each afternoon. The boys either grab a snack after lunch and a few legos or quiet toys and I'll read a chapter or two if we are really loving it! It's been one of my favorite rhythms with them and I know they love it too...I can't wait to share more throughout this year with you.


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