When God works (buying our house) vol. 1

So we bought a house last month! After 8 years of renting and living in apartments, old farm houses and little to no yard it was a true God experience with this home. You know those moments that give you goosebumps, you are literally left speechless in awe of His faithfulness? This was one of those experiences. I wanted to share our story (it's a long one so multiple posts to come) because it's a reminder that He is in the little things, He really does listen and He is always faithful.

Buying a home has been our goal for the past several years, I think it's always a goal for any married couple, right? Our original plan was to buy once we moved to Texas (our goal place to live). We'd been planning and saving and goal setting for YEARS to get there. Each time we would save up a good amount and begin planning our exit--something would come up.. car problems, a random bill, just totally random and money crunching little bumps. Then we would start again at zero. But we were determined, it was on our bucket list. Texas or bust, we were roaring to go!

North Carolina wasn't on our radar until about Fall 2014. I suddenly kept hearing about it and then a sweet friend told me about Raleigh and how she had fallen in love with it also each time she visited. I did a little research and loved the idea of being a half day drive from VA, the huge possibilities of tech jobs, the growing homeschool community....BUT. I felt unsure because we had been planning for so so long for TX. We both were determined, go getters, aiming for TX almost felt like aiming for the stars, so close yet so far.

So I did a little Gideon prayer and asked God to write it on the sidewalk in front of me- if we are supposed to go to NC, Jesus...have Josh bring it up and have a desire to go. I started praying that prayer weekly in November 2014. Each week I would pray about it, never speaking a word about it to Josh.

One morning I woke up on a sunny Saturday in March 2015 and Josh was laying in bed looking on his phone. So I turned over saying good morning and asked "Whatcha looking up babe?". 
"Did you know Raleigh is actually a pretty great place for tech jobs?!" He answered. I paused, my heart did a jump and I silently asked Jesus- is this it?? 

After a few minutes of talking about Raleigh, I told Josh how I'd been praying for it and if it's meant to be for him to bring it up. He was really surprised and that morning we made a pros and cons list of TX and NC. (Yes we are huge list makers). NC hugely outweighed TX, so next step? To actually go see it....

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