When God works (buying our house) vol. 2

If you haven't caught up, I'm sharing our little journey on buying our house! You can catch the first volume here.

The second weekend in June 2015 we planned a quick 3 day trip to Raleigh. We scouted out local neighborhoods and the cities lying outside Raleigh, we checked out the local bookstore and eateries. Josh was really wanting to see what the big lakes were like near Raleigh (there were 3!!) and we saw two of them and they were HUGE. In Northern VA we had decent size lakes but they were always crowded, there was no way these lakes could look crowded!

We talked and decided to make a goal to be in Raleigh by the beginning of 2016, right after New Year's. Have a fresh start and gives us time for Josh to network and get to know the tech companies around RTP and also to get our savings up a little more.

Since May--Josh's work was pretty stressful at the time and no projects were coming in for his team. One morning while driving into work (two weeks after our visit to Raleigh) he was praying and called me right after. He said Hey just wanted to let you know that I prayed that I will be laid off and let go from my job if it's God's plan. I was caught off guard but felt this tug to encourage him and say I'll be praying too.

Soon after- he texted me at half past 8 (when he was at his office) and said hey I have a meeting with my two managers and the HR this morning at 9. Say a prayer. 

Suddenly I knew this was it. I texted my brother asking him to pray if it's God's plan that he be let go that we have clarity and peace. Caleb, my brother, called me immediately and we were catching up and talking when a little passed 9--Josh called me.

He said well babe, they let me go. He was headed home and we could talk more then. Our world shifted at this point, we both had warm peace about this situation but had also never been in this position. At this time with our finances we were just beginning to save again after having quite a few car problems.

We had two ways to move forward- He could land another job in Northern VA and we would need to shift our move to Raleigh up another year or take the big jump now and move. We both had been praying for our move to Raleigh and knew God wanted us there. So we felt this was the shove to do it quicker.

We also knew we couldn't stay at our rental while focusing & saving on our move to Raleigh. After talking to our landlord and then Josh's parents, we decided to leave our rental a week before July and move in with Josh's parents until we were able to be hired in Raleigh.

Packing commenced and we once again began gearing up for another move. We took a walk one last time at the lake near our townhome and it was bittersweet. It was exciting because we knew were getting to our goal of Raleigh before our target date but also the unknown is always a little nerve wrecking. My in-laws were super generous letting us stay with them and even made up a room for us to have our own space.

What happened next is a memorable and amazing experience...