When God works (buying our house) vol. 3

You can catch vol. 1 and vol. 2 if this is your first time here or if you missed them!

We moved to our in laws end of June and our goal was to hopefully by the end of the summer have a job lined up in Raleigh. Even though we didn't have rent to pay anymore there is still the cost of the cell phone bill, credit card debt, car insurance bill and food. We knew we could maybe last two months with no income coming in.

We made so many sweet memories with my in laws last summer while staying with them. The boys had a blast swimming, planting flowers with Grandma and playing countless games with Pop-Pop. I recently went and scrolled through the photos and videos from that time and I'm so so grateful we were able to make it an enjoyable and fun experience for the boys even with all the stress and unknown!

Josh and I tried to "earn our keep" each day while living there. We would start the morning with helping in the kitchen and then find our way outside and try to trim bushes, trees and even power wash the side of the house. While doing the yard work the boys would roam and had such a blast exploring! The second day we were at their house we found quite a few bee hives in the ground so we made even more memories. Late at night we would head out to the bee hive we found during the day and terminate them -- oh if only these moments were caught on video!!

Each day, Josh would also head out and for most of the afternoon and try to make connections online with recruiters and companies in Raleigh. Just a few days after moving in he was contacted by a recruiter looking to hire down in Raleigh. Josh didn't think much of it but sent him his resume and the recruiter immediately contacted him back and set him up for a phone screen.

Long story short- He landed a job 9 days after moving into my in-laws! We were ecstatic. We knew God has His hand in it all and couldn't believe this was really happening.

We stayed at my in laws for exactly a month and from one of the day trips down to Raleigh that month we found a cute apartment in a little small town near Raleigh that reminded us so much of Warrenton- which we adored in Northern VA.

Our first rent payment was due for the following month a week before Josh's first paycheck from his new job. We knew if God made a way for us to move this quickly he would make a way for us to make our payment. Josh had recently launched a side coaching gig on his blog to help others land tech jobs since that is exactly what he did a few short years before. (You can read more about it on his blog).

When he launched it soon after he landed TWO coaching clients and we were able to make our rental payment with no late fees! It was another huge blessing and testimony that Raleigh is where He wanted us to be....

Next up our house searching begins!