Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Setting an Authentic Vision & Tone in Your Home

When I started blogging almost five years ago, I had one main purpose. I wanted to shine through with my writing. I wanted to be authentic, and show other mamas how authentic motherhood starts in the heart and in the home.

The definition of authenticity is saying something and actually doing it. It's having a purpose, it's being real. 

Truly friend, you set the tone in your home. There is the funny, silly quote if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. 

But there is so so much truth wrapped in this quote. Martha Peace says in one of her books:

The wife and mother who views life as a "cross to bear" influences the others in the home to think the same way. She easily robs everyone else of joy and like the yeast in the bread she bakes, her ungodly attitudes spread to everyone else. 

This is such a hard truth to swallow. God gave us a beautiful role to encompass.....

Sharing more over on Motherhood Inspired this month and I would love for you to hop over and check it out! 


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