Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Camping with Kids: Simple Living Way

We had been eagerly waiting until the boys were a certain age before we went camping. This past fall seemed like the perfect time! When we went camping they were almost 7 and 5 years old and big helpers when it came to carrying bags, making their own food, etc.

I knew I wanted to make it simple, so we could repeat it again each year- make a list, shop, pack, go! It turned out much better than we ever thought and now I think we could of even done a younger age.

We went for 2 nights about 3 hours away to a camping site right in the mountains. It is beautiful and a cute little mountain town. We even heard a coyote howl the first night! The boys loved making a campfire each morning and evening, reading a book and making countless s'mores & hot dogs.

Here is a little checklist of what we took with us:

+ 2 mattress pads  (a lifesaver to put under our sleeping bags!)
+ 4 person tent
+ sleeping bags
+ camp stove with propane (these work amazing!)
+ utensils (next year our goal is to buy some just for camping)
+ trash bags
+ water (we left it in the car to refill)
+ matches
+ soap & hand sanitizer
+ paper towels
+ cloth napkins
+ lantern
+ first aid kit
+ a cooler (next year we plan to pack it with dry ice- way better way to do it!)
+ folding chairs
+ 2 towels (one to wipe our feet before stepping into tent, the other to lay our cookware on)
+ cookware (we took a pan, 2 cooking utensils and a mixing bowl)
+ tablecloth for table
+ tablecloth for under tent

Our meals we packed were pretty simple- eggs & bacon, pancake mix, shrimp, hot dogs, lunch meat & snacks. We made some sweet memories for our first camping trip and truly can't wait to return this next fall for our next! Have you been camping with little ones? 


  1. This makes me excited to camp again this summer! We've been camping three times, with 2,3, and 4 kiddos! They've all done really well, even as babies.

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