Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Our Homeschooling Days: a mid year update

This seems to be the time of year homeschooling mamas feel the "blahs". Cold weather keeps us indoors a little too much longer each day and if we haven't taken frequent breaks we are feeling the burnout ever growing.

I'm happy to say burnout is NOT a problem this year since we have been taking a week's rest every few weeks. It's been such a superb idea and I encourage all homeschool mamas to implement it. It does consist of a little bit of planning. Grab a calendar- count six weeks. Mark the 7th week as a rest week. Rinse & repeat! So simple and that is what we've done. On our rest week we have:

+deep cleaned the house a little more
+I plan to get extra work done at home with my business 
+we plan more intentional fun family time with a fun outing or two

If this is your first time reading my blog or homeschool posts- a little background for you. I homeschool our two little men: a 1st grader and pre-kindergartner. I love a rhythm for our days and each Friday sit down and go through our books to see what is planned for the next week. If I had to pinpoint our "homeschool method" it would be a mixture of Charlotte Mason/Eclectic/Traditional. My basic ideology at this age and beyond is read, read and read more. Everything else follows after easily.

If you caught our beginning of the school year post you know I found a curriculum I was pretty happy with yet.. it fell apart about a month and a half in. If something isn't clicking I don't like to continue with it. After talking with a close friend I went off and sold our barely used books and unused curriculum and purchased the following for the boys.

Benjamin (1st grade)

One thing I love about online shopping is purchasing our curriculum. It's made it simple, affordable and painless! I purchased the following A Beka curriculum from Christian Book Distributors..

+ Arithmetic 1 
+ Spelling & Poetry 
+ Writing with Phonics 
+ Languages 1 
+ Letters and Sounds 1 
+ Handbook for Reading 
+ Grade 1 Readers (my friend and I are sharing these!)

Ben is also starting Science Class this week with a co-op and we are reading this book for history. My focus this year with Ben has been to get him reading on his own and just one short month after beginning A Beka he jumped ahead quickly to reading chapter books by himself! He has read a few Magic Tree House books and also just started the first book in the Boxcar children series. It is so neat to see your own kiddos read books you enjoyed as a child!

We are also in Awana this year and each day he writes out and recites the verses he is memorizing for the week. This has been such an amazing resource to have in addition to our school!

Ian  (Pre-K) 

I loved when we used Rod & Staff with Ben in Pre-K so I decided to grab these books again. It says Preschool but this series is truly SO informative and works on developing thinking skills, motor skills, hearing vowels and consonants, beginning to read and more! He is loving the books so far and really enjoys each morning we pull them out.

My focus with Ian this year has been to develop his writing skills more (which he has improved so much in already!) and to take the beginning steps to reading. My other focus this year is helping him to make friends since he is just like his mama and becomes pretty shy!

He is also in Awana this year, so each day we recite his verse of the week! He will also be in the same Science class with his brother which he is excited about.

Our typical school day looks like: 

Breakfast/Getting Dressed/Brush Teeth

Morning Chores (making bed, one chore each that varies)

Playtime either outside or indoors with legos, nerf guns or drawing time

School time begins with Ben starting math or writing his Awana verses, I will start school time with Ian once Ben is working on his workbooks and understands what to do

We usually finish about 11:30-noon and head right into lunch time with a Netflix show or two

Quiet time begins after lunch..which also is my work time for me

Any extra schoolwork left we will finish after quiet time

I have a goal (and since starting the new year I haven't done as well) of reading aloud after quiet time so we are picking it back up this week. We recently finished Farmer Boy- which the boys loved!

Our Thursday's will be different starting this week as it will become our Library/Science Day. So I plan to take our schoolwork to the library in the morning after dropping Josh off at work and then enjoying lunch out with the boys and heading to Science class right after. It's not a definite plan so the first few weeks we will see how it flows!

We have a field trip planned for February with our little homeschool group I formed last year. It has been so fun to form relationships with other homeschool moms and also see the boys begin to connect with those their age. I'm excited for what this spring holds for our little Buccaneer Academy!!

Hang in there homeschool mamas if it is rough right now, the rough days come and sometimes that's when you just drop the books, head outside and enjoy nature! Or if it is frigid and cold out- pop in a movie or pull out a board game.

Homeschool mamas- what have you loved about this school year and what has been a struggle?


  1. We love Rod and Staff! We do their Bible Curriculum because I can do it each day with my big three, and then the littler ones feel like they are a part of school. My main struggle has been finding a daily rhythm! I feel like I am still trying to figure out what works best for us.

  2. My daughter was homeschooled. My husband taught her and I was the activities director! Here she is 21 years old, graduating this year to be a Elementary teacher.
    Callie, your rhythm will come-it takes a minute. Also, take a minute for yourself to refuel. But nothing is more important than showing them love, faith, grace, kindness towards God, themselves and others. This does not come from a curriculum.


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