Keeping White Walls Clean with Kids

Since moving into our house last year and slowly making it into our home...My main focus was to paint the walls a pretty white and to have the color and simple decorating to come from pictures, art and decor in the room.

With kiddos- white is actually easier to maintain and I feel gives your home a cozy, inviting and warm atmosphere. It brightens a room naturally and enhances the natural light that falls in from your windows and doors!

Slowly though you might start to notice fingerprints, marks, crayons that accidentally bumped the wall and other day to day life on your walls. This is all easily taken care of with 2-3 simple ingredients!!

+Warm water in a bowl
+A sponge
+Thieves Cleaner

You can easily do this with the first two! I just add two tiny sprays of thieves cleaner to the bowl for added measure because it is toxic free and smells so Christmasy.

The boys wipe down our baseboards about every other week along with the doorknobs and light switches.

The walls can be spot cleaned every week but that schedule doesn't work well for our rhythm. I will usually wipe down the walls every few weeks and I rotate it room by room or hall by hall. Makes it simple and I can knock out a whole room in about 10 minutes!

Make sure to carry a towel along with you so for any water that drips down to the baseboards and floor you can easily wipe up.

Looking to remove crayon from your walls? Lemon essential oil is your best friend. As well as a magic eraser and even baking soda.

I truly love keeping a home. Cleaning is one of the main ways to keep a home and it truly is one of my favorite things to do! I will usually play some music, put essential oils in the diffuser that encourage focusing and whip out the daily cleaning in just under 30 minutes! We do a deep clean every Friday before we head into a weekend of adventures and rest.

What do you enjoy cleaning in your home?